It’s already a given fact that a caring parent would only want the best for his or her child. While there are a number of ways that you can promote your child’s development and growth, there are some that offer the best opportunities for them to improve their latent abilities and talents. Picking up books at a very young age is certainly one of the best things that a child can do. This is because reading brings a lot of benefits for your child. What are the benefits that books can bring for children? Here are just some of them and why you should start giving books to your child.

Building a Stronger Relationship
Engaging your children in the practice of reading gives you the opportunity to bond with your child a lot more. As they grow older, children tend to be more active because of the amount of energy that they have. They’ll usually be running, playing, climbing and exploring the world around them that would contribute to the knowledge that they learn. What books do is that it gives you the chance to slow down and then give you the time to build a strong relationship of parent to child. It is certainly a chance that you shouldn’t pass up easily. As you continue the practice of reading, your child won’t only learn how to read but you two will grow a lot closer because of this.

Better Academic Performance
This should be an expected outcome as not only is reading one of the main goals in education; it also brings a cascade of benefits. Reading is an encompassing aspect of knowledge and should be promoted at an early age. Once your child gets a good grasp of reading, so will his or her understanding. Slowly but surely, your child’s knowledge of the things he or she picks up while reading will play a huge role in the improvement of how well they perform in school. Now, what parent wouldn’t want that for their child?

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Improve Speech
Another thing that reading books bring for your children is improving their speech. When they read books, they are introduced to words and sentences, often being encouraged to read out loud so that they may practice their speaking. This gives them an opportunity to exercise their pronunciation, how they read and their delivery of each word that they learn. At a young age, children start to sound out words and with their continued development and learning, they also start to read even difficult words. Starting at a young age when it comes to speech is essential to a child’s growth.

Improve Reading Ability
With the endless supply of words in the numerous books that you give to your children, they also improve their reading ability. It’s not just about saying the words correctly or reading the words correctly, it’s more of understanding the words as well. Starting out young allows them to develop their reading skills and in just a few years, they may even develop reading skills ahead of their average age group should be capable of.

Communication Skills
With reading and the improvement of their speech, you can expect that your children will also have better communication skills. Words are the lifeblood of communication and starting out early in learning how to read and understand them through several children’s books will let them develop their communication skills to the fullest capacity at a young age. This will also let them have an easier time in coming up with coherent sentences that make sense and deliver the message through their requests and statements with little to no bubbles.

Language and Vocabulary
If you allow your children to practice reading books at an early age, they are exposed to many different words that will let them expand their vocabulary. While it is a given that children will only understand basic words that are easy to understand at first, they will slowly develop that ability to know, understand and pronounce difficult words correctly and even use them in their own sentences. Gaining a rich vocabulary at a young age will let them develop their talent in writing as well.

Exercising Imagination and Creativity
When it comes to reading, imagination is also involved. This is evident in children’s books as pictures and illustrations are often found together with the words. This is done to exercise and inspire imagination in children. With the practice of reading, they slowly enrich their imagination, leading to a great improvement in their reading and a way for them to entertain themselves with words alone.

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